About Us


Have you noticed that the world around us is changing? It has become smaller and much more technical, but education in the US is failing to keep up. Our children go to college where 60% of them are required to take remedial courses. Despite the diploma the state awarded them, they are not prepared for college rigor. Because they only have time for the mandated course load, they enter college with no vision of what ignites their passions, no idea of what they love, and clueless as to what gets them excited about getting up every morning, and yet they are expected to choose what major will dictate the path their careers will follow. 

Welcome to a new way of approaching education!

A way of approaching education rigorously. 

A way where virtue and knowledge are intertwined.

A way of personalizing education to the student's interests.

A way that makes learning relevant and real.

A way that prepares students for college and career.

A way that makes education more than just a list of arbitrary classes to be checked off.

A way in which leadership is fostered.

High expectations need to be set for students because there is a big world out there waiting for real leaders. But how are leaders developed?  Start at a school where everyone’s potential is valued, where everyone’s talents and gifts are nurtured with classmates who are intellectually curious.  But that curiosity must be ignited by inspirational teachers whose passion is contagious. Can you imagine a school where the students get just as excited about the Spanish American War as they do about sustainable energy? Where they walk down the hall arguing Middle East Peace and music theory? Can you see your child moving through the day from German to Graphic Arts to Geometry? At Liberty Tech we strive to develop a community where virtue, wisdom, and knowledge are fostered in all of our students, creating a culture where academics are engaging. At Liberty Tech we are imagining tomorrow today.