Dress Code

Liberty Tech Dress Code

Bottoms – Khaki or Navy pants, shorts, capris, jumpers, skorts, or polo dresses.  Cargo style are not allowed.  Shorts, skorts, jumpers, and polo dresses must be no more than three inches above the knee.

Tops – White, Navy, or Red (Primary) polo or long-sleeved, button-down oxford with button collar.

Optional Layer – Solid Navy cardigan, sweater, sweater vest, fleece, or hoodie.

  • If bottoms have belt loops, then a belt should be worn.  Color belt is not specified.
  • Due to daily P.E. classes and recess, skirts are not generally recommended; however, in lower school if worn they must be accompanied by a pair of shorts underneath.
  • Shirts are not required to be tucked into bottoms.
  • Socks should be a solid color white, gray, brown, navy, or black.
  • Shoe style and color is not specified; however, closed toe shoes are a requirement due to the attendance of daily P.E. classes and recess.
  • Outerwear jackets for cold weather may be worn to and from school; however, while in the school building outerwear must remain in the student's cubbie or locker.
  • Collegiate shirts may be worn with uniform bottoms on Fridays.
  • Jeans passes can be earned by students.  Jeans may be worn with the use of the an earned pass on Wednesday's only.
  • Free dress passses can be earned by students.  Free dress passes are only administered by adminstrators.  Free dress may be worn with the use of an earned pass on Wednesdays only.
  • When wearing jeans or free dress bottoms the same length requirements apply.
  • Free dress does not include sleeveless shirts, midriff and crop tops, off the shoulder tops, holes and rips, inappropriate messages, see through clothing, leggings worn as pants, or excessively tight clothing.
  • For a layer of clothing under the uniform on cold days, students may wear a long-sleeved solide white or navy t-shirt under their polo shirt.
  • Bottoms should be pulled up on the waist time at all times.  Underwear should not be visible above the waistline of pants.
  • Leggings/tights should not be worn as pants themselves.  However, solid white, navy, gray, or red leggings may be worn under uniform bottoms.
  • Though hoodies are allowed for a layer option, students who are wearing them with the hoods up inside the building will be required to remove the hoodie for the remainder of the day.