Dress Code

Liberty Tech Dress Code

Bottoms – Khaki or Navy pants, shorts, or skorts.  Cargo style are not allowed.  Shorts and skorts must be no more than three inches above the knee.


Tops – White, Navy, or Red (Primary) polo or long-sleeved, button-down oxford with button collar.

Optional Layer – Navy cardigan, sweater, or sweater vest.

Shoes – Brown, Black, White, or Gray closed toe.

Socks – Solid White, Navy, or Gray.


Belt – Solid Brown or Black.  Must be worn if the bottoms have belt loops.


Outerwear – Outerwear jackets for cold weather may be worn to and from school; however, while in the school outerwear must remain in the student cubbie or locker.


Fridays – Collegiate top (no jerseys)


Jeans – Students may earn jeans passes as rewards for specified behaviors, but jeans should not be worn in any other case.