Hiring Process

LTCS Hiring Process

Liberty Tech’s hiring process is rigorous and competitive. We believe that getting the best people to serve students is the most important decision leaders within any educational organization regularly face. We believe Liberty Tech is going to be a game changer in education, and we take seriously the task of putting together the best team available for the students who have entrusted their futures to us.

Below are the steps involved in the portfolio setup and application stages of the hiring process.  The process for setting up your full portfolio will take some time, however, it is a legitimate investment and we appreciate you conscientiousness.  We hope you appreciate how much rigor we put into finding the best people to serve our students. 

We hope you enjoy our process. Best of luck!


Stage 1: Initial Interview

Please complete a cover letter, resume, references, and the employment application.  Once completed mail these items to Liberty Tech Charter School at 119 Price Road, Brooks, GA 30205 to the attention of Principal, Mike Stewart.

In your references please provide information for 3 professional references, 2 personal references, and 2 students references.  If you taught elementary grades, you may include the contact information of the parents of the students.  The employment application consists of a series of questions about your previous employment history and background.  Be thoughtful and honest in your completion of the documents as the responses are used in order to determine fit for our organization.

These items will be reviewed by the principal and qualified candidates will be contacted to schedule an initial interview and sample lesson review.  Candidates will be asked to upload a 40-minute lesson of them teaching in their classroom for the principal to review prior to the interview.  We highly encourage candidates to have their video recorded prior to beginning the application process to expedite the process of scheduling the interview. The day of the interview, candidates are encouraged to bring a portfolio or other materials that demonstrate their proficiency in the classroom.


Stage 2:  Group Interview

Following the initial interview, identified candidates will be asked to attend a group interview .  For the group interview, a cohort of identified candidates will be asked to attend together.  During the group interview, the group of candidates will be asked to complete a performance task as a team.  The principal along with a panel of staff members will be observing candidates as they complete the performance task.  Immediately following the performance task, each candidate will be asked to individually debrief the activity briefly with the panel.