Lottery FAQ

Enrollment Lottery FAQ’s:

1.  If I have a sibling of a current student that I would like to attend LTCS next year, do I have to put him/her in the lottery?

Yes, siblings must be signed up for the lottery.  Siblings do get preference for open spots in the lottery, but they still must participate in the lottery process.  All lottery documents are required to be completed and submitted prior to 2:30 pm on February 2nd.

2.  Is there any benefit to submitting my lottery application early?

No.  All lottery participants have an equal chance of getting a spot through the lottery.  Being first doesn’t help you.  Being last doesn’t hurt you.

3.  What happens if I miss the 2:30 pm deadline on February 2nd?

All lottery applications received after 2:30 pm on February 2nd will not be entered into the lottery. Instead, they will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist in the order that they were received.

4.  If my student is on the waitlist for the current year, do I still need to sign-up in the lottery for next year?

Yes.  This year’s waitlist and the lottery for next year run independent of each other.  If you have a son/daughter on the waitlist for this year, you will still need to put them in the lottery for next year if you want the opportunity to receive a spot.  Waitlist students from this year will not automatically be entered into the lottery for next year.

5.  I cannot make it to the school to submit my materials by 3 pm.  Are there other times available that I may submit my materials?

Yes.  You may submit your materials at the school on Tuesdays until 6 pm.

6.  When drawing numbers at the lottery, are siblings drawn separately or at the same time?

At the time application materials are submitted, you will receive one lottery number for the entire family.  Thus, all siblings in the lottery are drawn and placed at the same time.

7.  Am I required to be in attendance at the lottery in order to receive a spot?

No.  The lottery is a public event, but attendance is not required.

8.  How will I know if my student received a spot for the 2018-2019 school year?

The parents of students who received a spot in the lottery will be notified by email by February 14th.

9.  What does it mean if I have not received an email by February 14th?

If you have not received an email by February 14th this means that you have been placed on the waitlist.  To determine where on the waitlist you are located you may visit our website or come to the school where the waitlist will be posted on the doors of the school.

10.  If my student receives a spot in the lottery, how long do I have to make a decision to accept the spot?

You have to accept the spot and submit the remaining registration documents by March 16th.