A Message from Principal Mike Stewart

As principal of Liberty Tech Charter School, I am privileged to watch students work in a truly innovative learning environment.Our approach is one based on the idea that students learn best by “doing.”  By blending STEM and Classical learning approaches and setting them on a project-based format, Liberty Tech provides students the opportunity to engage in material in more real-world and meaningful ways.

The focus of Liberty Tech extends far beyond academics, however.  We believe that in addition to a strong academic program that students should have the opportunity to engage in powerful character education as well.  For this reason, we implement four cardinal virtues: Temperance, Prudence, Justice, and Fortitude.  In the end we stand on the idea that virtue plus knowledge results in true wisdom.

The result of a real grass roots effort by Christi McCully and our other esteemed board members, Liberty Tech enjoys a vibrant school community greatly supported by countless amounts of parent volunteer hours.  The efforts of these individuals have seen Liberty Tech through from a mere conception to a reality.

Thank you for your interest in Liberty Tech Charter School.  To see first-hand the wonderful learning occurring in our building, please feel free to register for one of our Tuesday or Friday tours by calling our office at (678) 456-5673.

-Principal Mike Stewart